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Frequently Asked Questsions

How will the eTuitions benefit students?
eTuitions is intended to supplement but not to replace classroom learning. It will considerably improve the knowledge level of any participating student, irrespective whether they are an average learner, below average learner or an excellent learner.

For what levels (grades) eTuitions offers its tutoring services?
E Tuitions currently caters to students from grades 6 to 12 and University Students of all streams.

What are the gadgets/tools that students should have?
All you need is:
A PC (Pentium II or more recent), with Windows 2000/XP (or more recent)
A soundcard
One USB port
An Internet Service Provider (ISP)
A 56K (or faster) modem. For best performance a high-speed connection like DSL or Cable or any other broadband connection is recommended.
Upon sign-up, we will provide a starter kit which includes:
A headset/microphone combo
A digital writing pad and digital pen (optional)
What is expected from parents/students?
Students / Parents  will receive email reminders for the online tuition schedule one day in advance, in addition to the schedule information given at the time of enrollment.  Students should log on to the www.etuitions.org  web site 5 to 10 minutes in advance, and wait for the faculty to join the session. The faculty also will log on at the scheduled time, and will automatically be connected to the student at the start time.

My daughter is studying grade 7 how can I know the progress of my child?
Parents of Junior students would be sent with periodic email communications attaching  the Score Card (Progress Report) of their children. Information relevant to the parents such as student progress reports and general guidelines will be sent in it.

Will eTuitions help with my son's homework who is to carry out complex exercises very often?
Of course, Yes. It is one of the many services of the faculty. Please be informed that it is our endeavour to impart knowledge to make the students do their work rather than undertaking to 'outsource' it.

How can eTuitions guarantee that my son is attending with involvement while he has always been complained of 'inattendiveness' in real classroom by his class teacher?

Quite a good number of students in normal classrooms sit silently and passively, paying no attention and learning nothing. The situation is no different in a large coaching class. Such students cause no hindrance, most tutors don't bother.

On the contrary, if such students were actually sitting down for a learning session with www.etuitions.org , things would be very different. It is largely interactive in nature and our pages are designed to stimulate and excite. The interactive features will be a powerful force to keep all the students participating and enjoying their lessons.

Does it cost more to get tuitions online?
In fact, it is not. Many parents fear that online tuitions may cost high. Please consider the amounts you spend sending your child to a coaching class, Fees plus the cost of travel, guides, self-study books, frequent cancellations, road safety etc., then eTuitions cost is relatively very low and safe.

As a parent you always wanted to provide your child the best and safest, you should have already realized that computers are an indispensable part of life. What's more, the prices of computers have fallen drastically, and so is the cost of connectivity. Some internet subscriptions are already virtually free. Therefore, the overall cost of getting best quality tuitions through www.etuitions.org  is very normal.

My Son is very shy in the class and always hesitant to ask questions? Will online tuitions help him anyway?
Very much. It has been extensively proved that through online tuitions students tend to gain more self confidence and are more actively involved in it. Many of the students feel shy in normal classrooms whereas in online tuitions they put forward their doubts without any shy. In natural progression, the self-confidence achieved by attending online classes will be reflected in their regular classrooms as well.

Can I pay the fees in Installments (Deferred Payments) ?
Of Course, Yes. We have flexible payment schemes to ensure that you don’t find it difficult.

Can I enroll for multiple courses at different timings?
Yes Sure. This is a major advantage of online tutoring – you need not have to commute to attend the classes, therefore you can attend classes at your convenient timings.

If student is not satisfied with the faculty how should that be communicated, will the fees be repaid?
We have stringent selection process to ensure that we have the best faculties, therefore this situation is very unlikely. In the rarest situation if the student does not wish to continue with the faculty, this has to be informed to the Course co-coordinator and in the shortest possible time we will arrange alternative faculty. It is our organization policy to make sure that student’s interests are safeguarded and under no circumstances the fees once paid will be repaid.

I enrolled my daughter last year for Std IX and would like to enroll for the Std X this year – should we re-register all again to attend this year’s classes?
No need at all. Whatever enrollment details entered always stays in our Database and with the last year’s enrollment number please send an email to enroll@etuitions.org mentioning the course to be attended this year. We will send details for fees payment, as soon as the fees payment is made we will activate the enrollment number and send the schedule for attending the classes for current academic course.

We don’t have Internet connection at our home can I ask my son to go to Internet café to attend the eTuitions?
Definitely this is possible, but we advice parents to provide the right environment at their home itself by getting the Internet broadband connection, which is available at very nominal cost.

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